Sizing Your System

When sizing a heating and cooling system for a home, rule of thumb measurements can yield an improperly sized system. Yes, you've probably heard it all before, but a poorly sized HVAC system can lead to an uncomfortable living environment and higher bills for the homeowner, to name a few.

The popular method of calculating heating and cooling loads is to use ACCA, Manual J-compliant load calculation software. The old method of buying a Manual J book and sizing by hand is rarely used these days due to all the great software available. Still, it is convenient to have a Manual J book around for reference when calculating loads.

About Us

HVAC Load Calculations is the place to learn why you should use Manual J sizing methods, and how to get calculations from blueprints. If you are not ready to purchase or learn new calc software, then visit the HVAC forum where you can find people/contractors who can perform the load calc job for you.

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Manual J

ACCA - Manual J - HVAC Residential Load Calculation, 8th Edition